Let’s Change Coffee.


We are creators of the world's first IoT Roast Grind Brew benchtop coffee roasting machine, developing a blockchain system to create sustainable industry change.

Bonaverde Labs is a technology start-up revolutionising the world of coffee. Our mission is to provide consumers with the freshest cup of coffee possible, whenever, wherever. With our portfolio of award-winning technologies, smart appliances and software, we cater to both in-and-out of home coffee consumption.


Urban Coffee Club


Fresh Brewed Coffee.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Urban Coffee Club is a Berlin-Wide network of unique Coffee Corners. For a flat rate, experience Berlin through unlimited freshly brewed speciality coffee with just one tap. Anytime. Anywhere.


The Berlin


The All-In-One Modular
Smart Coffee Device

Sample roast your own green coffee beans, then keep it for brewing during the week. Every sample you roast, gets you the freshest coffee in the world.