Are beans actually delivered directly from farmers?

Our end-goal is enabling Direct Trade between consumer and farmer for coffee. Slowly but surely, Bonaverde is using the technology platform of our machines as a vessel to achieve this end, but cutting out links within the traditional coffee supply chain.

While you’ll be purchasing beans from growers via our marketplace, it doesn’t make sense financially for them to ship each consumer-sized package directly to your doorstep. At the beginning, Bonaverde will facilitate shipment. Later, fulfillment partners in coffee consuming countries will receive large shipments of beans from growers, which they will pass on to you after you order.

Our ecosystem is carefully set up to ensure that these fulfillment partners’ profits are directly tied to growers’ profits, putting value-added processes in the hands of producers and consumers rather than middlemen.

We have machines, filters and coffee available for purchase at our online store.

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