Can I connect my Bonaverde Berlin through wifi or bluetooth?

The Bonaverde Berlin currently is automatically connected to the Internet through a 3G cellular connection when the machine is plugged in. This connection is managed by Bonaverde and there is no charge to the user.

There is no wireless (wifi, wi-fi) connection of the machine itself. YET. But great minds think alike, no? We're totally working on wifi and bluetooth connectivity (and Google Alexa is imminent!) for future Bonaverde developments. However, at present, make the most of your cellular connection by visiting where you can connect the machine to Facebook Messenger (phone or desktop) which will allow you to control the machine from your device. For more information about connecting your Berlin to the Coffee Concierge please visit this article: How do I connect the machine to the Internet? Is there an app?

If there is no cellular service available in the location of the machine, one can still make coffee by using the RFID scan pad on the front of the machine to start the roast-grind-brew process. In these cases, the only way to control the machine is with coffee pouches, RFID card or Coffee Changers Badge.

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