Can I use green beans purchased outside of the Bonaverde marketplace?

Yes! Although all the green coffee you find in the Bonaverde marketplace is sourced to be both high quality and at a price that is fair to the growers, with the launch of our digital Coffee Concierge, Coffee Changers Badge and Rost Only + Grind & BrewRFid cards, we have now opened our ecosystem to any green coffee. Nevertheless, please try be true to our original mission of changing the supply chain of coffee -- it's the whole point!

However, if it's increased variety of flavours you seek, why not try tailoring our beans to suit your own taste and palate? Though each type of bean at the Bonaverde Online Shop has its own custom roasting profiles which we have developed, you too can tweak these recipes using our Coffee Concierge, the water dilution levels, and the grinder adjuster to further augment the flavours of your favourite brew!

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