Does the Bonaverde Berlin have a warranty? Can I get a replacement? How do I send my machine for repair?

The Bonaverde Berlin comes with a 1 year warranty, which commences on the date the machine is delivered to your specified shipping address. This warranty only covers repairs necessitated by manufacturer’s error of the machine. Repairs/replacements which were due to user error will be on- charged to the user. However, Bonaverde endeavours to keep these costs to a minimum where possible, and of course general customer support is free and available to users without cost.

Coffee Changers Membership Holders have full warranty whilst the duration of the membership. There is no waiting time for your membership to be valid, even if your machine was already broken before your purchase you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your membership right away. Including free repairs and shipping.

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If you wish to send your machine back for repair, there are two key differences in determining the type of error. Manufacture error refers to any faults in the machine which are a direct result of error on the manufacturers part (e.g. faulty parts). User error refers to any actions taken by a consumer which then resulted in the machine becoming faulty or broken (e.g. by putting unroasted beans directly into the grinder).

User Error:

In the unfortunate event that you encounter user error, we can not refund any postage costs associated with returning/repairing the machine. So to prevent any unnecessary freight, our team will communicate with you remotely and troubleshoot as a first step, so as to ensure that it is in-fact user error. If so, we will ensure you have the most efficient repair/replacement possible, and to get you back on track with having that freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee ASAP!

If your machine fails during normal usage, and we are unable to troubleshoot remotely either with our Support Page or through our customer support team, please then purchase our Repair Package, which begins the process of returning the machine to us for a personal diagnosis.

The Repair Package provides you with the necessary return shipping labels and information. Once we have received your machine, we will be able to determine whether it was a misuse error or a machine error and proceed from there.

Of course, all machine errors covered by warranty will be fixed free of charge (and in this case we will refund your maintenance package purchase).

Manufacturer error:

Our customer service team will review all return requests within 2 working days. If the request for return due to manufacture error is accepted, we will send you return labels for postage. After that, please print labels for each box. We recommend using the original packaging for returning a machine.

If you are located in Germany, we can schedule a pickup with our freight provider, or otherwise you will drop off the package at any of the carrier’s locations. Any purchases which were made outside of Germany will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Customer service is important to us, and Bonaverde will endeavor to ensure the return process is fair. If you are located outside of the EU, we will work with you to find a postage option which is practical and cost-effective.

If your machine fails during normal usage and we are not able to get it working again using ouSr upport Page [MOU5] or by contacting out customer support team, please purchase our repair package [MOU6] and return your machine for diagnosis. Once we receive your machine we will be able to determine if it was a misuse error or a machine error, and manage repairs subsequently.

All machine errors covered by warranty will be fixed free of charge (in this case we will refund your maintenance package purchase).

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