How do I change the air filter?

The silver skins should be emptied every time you exchange the coffee filter. Here's a quick video on how to replace the air filter.


Be sure the machine is cool and unplugged before you proceed. The air filter is located in the compartment on the upper right side of the machine. Gently push the round shallow indent on top of the compartment to spring it open. Remove the outer cover and set it aside. Take out the black air filter box, remove the lid, flip up the small metal clips and remove the filter. Discard or recycle as local laws allow.

While you're at it, take the time to change the metal compartment which contains all of the chaff from previously roasted beans. Careful, these can be a bit messy!

Ok, back to the filter...unwrap the new filter and keep the packaging/instructions which contains RFID tag needed to reset the filter count. Insert the new air filter, white-side up, and push down the metal clips. Return the lid to the air filter compartment and be sure it is tightly closed. Click the compartment cover back on and return the compartment to the machine, inserting it bottom first. Touch the round sensor, wait for the beep, and finally, scan the RFID tag on the air filter packaging, and touch the sensor again.

You are all set for the next 30 roasts!

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