How Do I Connect The Machine To The Internet? Is There An App?

When you plug in your Bonaverde Berlin, the SIM card inside automatically connects to the nearest available cellular network (it operates on 3G). There is no cost to you for this connection.

Connecting to and controlling your Berlin machine is easy! Get the myBonaverde app:

Download myBonaverde


You can connect to any number of Berlin machines with one account in myBonaverde.

Register them using your machine's unique IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) -- that's the 15 digit number (it usually starts with '35704...') and is found on a sticker located either on the base, or behind the water-tank of your machine.

Any additional troubleshooting with this, please contact and we'll guide you through the process.

Or, want quick help? -- Feel free to live chat with us!


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