How do I connect the machine to the internet? How do I use the coffee concierge?

When you plug in your Bonaverde Berlin, the SIM card inside automatically connects to the available cellular network (it operates on 3G). The is no cost to you for this connection.

How to connect

To get started with our amazing digital product, please which will take you to the Facebook Messenger platform and the Bonaverde Coffee Concierge. Open the Concierge, type 'hello' and you will be prompted with a few questions to get your started. First, in order to connect your machine to the internet, you will need the 15 digit IMEI number on a sticker on the bottom of your machine (it usually starts with '35704'-- don't confuse it with the serial number!) Once entered you will be able to explore the world of coffee and control your machine from your phone.

List of commands to use the coffee concierge:

If you cannot connect follow these steps:

First, make sure your machine is online!

With the machine plugged in open and remove the roaster drawer. With the drawer removed, look deep inside the machine just below where the drawer slides in/out for a blinking red light. If the light is blinking steadily every 2 seconds or so then the signal should be fine. If the light is blinking quickly every 1 second or so then the signal is poor and you should try moving the machine to get a better connection. Here is a video of what the blinking red light should look like.

If you see the blinking red light every two seconds, here are some things you can do to try to troubleshoot:

1. If you have never connected to the coffee concierge try this:
Go to and type "Hello" and you will be guided through the registration.

You will be asked for your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity), a 15 digit number which for the Berlin usually starts with 35704. The IMEI is located on the bottom of your machine along with the serial number. Just provide that and 2 things might happen:

a) The machine will not understand your EMEI: Either retype it to ensure there were no spelling mistakes, or alternatively please send us an email at with your IMEI number so we can perform some diagnostic tests remotely.

b) The machine will answer back ready to start making coffee. Yay! We made it!

2. If you have connected your machine in the past try this:
a) Type in "Cancel" to reset the Concierge. You may be prompted to reenter your IMEI number.

b) If this doesn't work try typing "Get Started" and you should be prompted to re-enter your IMEI (you can also use this if you are trying to control another machine (e.g., if your friend has one too).

c) You can also try typing "debug" and the bot will run a set of diagnostics. You can then share these diagnostics with our customer support team. Here are a few quick hints

- Is Connected: true - this means your machine is online. false- this means it is offline.

- Link Quality: Good or Poor with a number. If Link Quality is poor at 1 or less, please try relocating your machine and then run debug again, in case you cannot get a link quality of 2 or higher, unfortunately, you will have to work offline, using the RFID tags.

- Air Ventilation Filter status: false means you need to replace the air filter

If none of this works, the only run to solve this instantly is to run your machine offline using the RFID tags or the coffee changers badge.

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