How do I unbox, set up and use the machine?

Here is a quick video on how to set up the machine: 

Your owners manual also has detailed setup instructions with photos, and here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Unboxing the machine

We recommend you keep the packaging to keep it safe and sound in any instance you ever want to take the Berlin somewhere, like your office!

  1. Remove the eggshell carton from the top of the machine.

  2. Leaving the machine in its cloth bag, lift it out of the cardboard box and lay it on a surface.

  3. Open the bag and slide it down around the sides of the machine.

  4. Take a moment to remove all foil and stickers from your machine.

  5. Remove the plastic security ring from your coffee carafe.

  6. Whew! Take it in, take it all in! This is the time for you to familiarise yourself with the machine and its

    features: the water reservoir (left side), the air filter enclosure (right side), the roasting chamber (top front), the filter drawer (middle front), and the carafe (that's French for "jug" -- bottom front)

Setting up the machine.

  1. Plug it in! The jug-chord power cable will already be inserted into the bottom of your machine.

  2. Double check to make sure the cable is firmly inserted in the machine before plugging it into the


  3. Once plugged in, a white light will indicate that your machine is ready to rock'n'roll!

  4. Tap the round sensor on the front of your machine to get started. The machine lights will turn yellow,

    indicating it is awaiting you to install its first air filter.

  5. Find the air filter package that accompanied your machine in the cardboard box and scan it into the

    machine by holding it in front of the sensor panel on the front of your machine. Now unwrap the filter

    from its package so it can be inserted into the machine.

  6. To insert the air filter, gently push in the spring-loaded panel door to reveal the enclosure on the right

    side of the machine (this is the air filter enclosure), remove the panel door, and take out the big black air filter box within. You may have to be a little firm with it if it’s stubborn. Open up the air filter box (the whole back face is removable) and push back the metal flaps designed to hold the filter in place. Insert the new air filter. With the air filter now safely nestled inside, move the metal flaps back to hold it in place. It only fits one way but the flaps might take a bit of pressure to close! Re-attach the enclosure cover and insert it back into the side of the machine. Put the outer panel door back on by putting the bottom of the panel in first and gently press it back into place.

  7. Your air filter is good for 30 brews. But don't worry, you don't have to keep count, a yellow light will always appear on the machine and sensor panel whenever the time comes to replace it!

Making Coffee -- ok, now we are ready to make some mind-blowing coffee!

  1. Remain calm -- this is it, the moment you've waited for. Heavy breathing, perspiration;it's all happening!

  2. Pick a pouch of coffee you'd like to try as your first experience. Gently push the round sensor (the 'scan' light will come on), and scan the label of your selected coffee pouch on the front of the machine -- there's an RFID tag behind the label which tells the machine the specific roasting recipe for these beans. The future is now.

  3. Push to eject the roasting chamber from the machine by using its spring push mechanism. Tear the top off of the coffee pouch open along the perforated line, pour your green beans into the roasting chamber, and push the roasting door back closed.

  4. Your empty pouch has transformed into a coffee filter. Magical dude! You can now insert this filter into the filter drawer which is located just above the carafe.

  5. Fill the water tank on the left side of the machine (with water only please) -- 1000mL is our recommendation, but 800mL if you like it a little stronger.

  6. With all players in place, push the round sensor on the front of the machine to begin the roast-grind- brew experience!

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