How do you ensure the quality of the beans in your marketplace?

Initially, we worked with three Nicaraguan growers. We have since expanded our relationship with other directly selected farmers and have partnered up with Genuine Origin, a company created specifically to change the way speciality coffee is sourced and supplied. Partners such as Genuine Origin work directly with farmers to give them a voice, educate them about sustainable business and farming practices, and importantly, how to develop their coffee into specialty-grade of supreme quality. Many of our sourced coffees are multi-award winning, including Cup of Excellence.

As we grow, Bonaverde sourcing facilitators, aka 'Coffee Scouts', will take responsibility for onboarding growers to our marketplace. We have a set of criteria and guidelines that we use to not only test the quality of the coffee, but also to ensure fair trading practices. We expect all growers to receive at least 25% above production price for their coffee. Further, we aim to tell their stories, market them and their product, and help build their brands through our digital Coffee Concierge.

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