How is this coffee better than other coffees?

It’s not about being better or worse. Just like with wine tastings, coffee preference relates to personal taste, and there is an incredible variance in tastes and aromas. With the Bonaverde experience, you now have an amazing, never-before-available platform where you can now taste side-by-side many distinct localities, terroirs, cultivars, varieties, farming techniques and processing methods of coffee beans. The Bonaverde Berlin is the first machine of its kind to roast coffee immediately prior to brewing -- you literally cannot get coffee any fresher tasting than this! After roasting, the natural oils within the beans are rich and abundant and packed with flavour, your experience is smoother, way more aromatic, and absolutely less old and bitter tasting. Using the same analogy, just like wine, every crop is different and we make the optimum roast-profile recipe for each type of bean of every crop so you can experience the chosen coffee at its fullest.

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