How much water should I put in the tank?

The amount of water used will influence the taste and fullness of the coffee brewed. We have indicated some different levels you may want to try - but as long as you don't go below the minimum recommendation (400mL), it's entirely up to you and your taste preferences!

We here at Bonaverde personally love our coffee with 600 to 650 ml of water! Yep, that's the sweet spot and will do the job for 3 tablespoons of beans.

Here is a quick guide to how much water to use with your Bonaverde Berlin for different strengths of coffee:

45g of beans (around 3 tablespoons) Light Coffee > 700ml
Optimum > 580ml
Strong > 500ml or less

50g of beans (around 3.5 tablespoons) Light Coffee > 770ml
Optimum > 650ml
Strong > 600ml or less

80g of beans Optimum 1000mL Strong 800mL

The minimum amount of coffee the machine can make it 400ml, with around 25g of beans.

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