How to use the postcard/Roast/Grind&Brew Only RFID Card?

To avoid using the wrong RFID card by accident we recommend that you cut the postcard along the dotted line in half as follows:

1) Black Card: RFID card will Roast Only (Green beans only)
2) White Card: The second RFID will Grind & Brew (Roasted beans only)

To use the card -- prepare the machine as you would normally by inserting your desired green beans into the roasting drawer (or with pre-roasted coffee if you wish to only Grind & Brew). Ensure that you do not use more than the recommended 80g limit of green coffee beans. Scan the card that corresponds to your desired function: Roast Only, or Grind & Brew Only.

You can use these cards to roast any beans you wish.

Important info:

- Be very careful tonever use the grind & brew card with green beans! This breaks the machine instantly! (and can happen easily.)

- Beans Quantity: We suggest using about 3 tablespoons (45-50g) per roast. No more than 80g!

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