I’ve heard that roasted beans should be allowed to air for about two days before grinding to allow them to degas. How has Bonaverde accounted for this?

Throughout the development of our roast-grind-brew process, we've consulted with coffee experts (including our team’s two Q Graders), roasters, coffee lovers and baristas to ensure our machines produce the best tasting coffee available.

Opinions on degassing vary and differ depending on the type of roast, bean variety/cultivar, and whether you’re preparing espresso or filter coffee. For this reason, we have introduced theRoast Only + Grind&Brew RFID Cards and allow you to roast or grind and brew separately on the Coffee Concierge.

In case you choose to degass your coffee we recommend you to use your roasted beans within up to 2 weeks.

In the end there is only one answer which counts: your own tastes! We always come back to individual preferences, and we welcome you to try everything!

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