My machine has Red Light + 2 beeps and no grinder noise

Red Light + Two beeps = Something has gone wrong.
The red light and 2 beeps can mean a few things, so here is a guide that can help you solve the issue:

First please press and hold the power button (the small circle in the front of the machine, right under scan).

1. If the color turns yellow, you should follow the instructions onhow to replace the air filter.

2. If the color is still red it might be a grinder problem. Did you hear any strange grinder noises last time you tried to grind? Sounds maybe a little blocked?? If yes, this happens when green beans get to the grinder, or your grinder needs a good old clean out. Please check the "Red Light + Grinder Noise" instructions later for grinder issues.

3. If the color is still red and there was no issue with the grinderyour machine might be overheated. In this case you should keep the machine plugged and wait from 10 mins to 1 hour for it to cool down. 

4. Finally, it might have been that you used the wrong RFID tag. So just try your Coffee Changers badge and it should solve it!


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