My machine is not brewing all the water in the reservoir. My machine is showing the blue light and still has water in the tank. What should I do?

Ah ha! The ol' not-brewing-all-of-the-water-in-the-tank trick eh! That means that your machine needs descaling -- i.e. the machine equivalent of an enema. Basically, it's a cleanser which removes any buildup of minerals that might be disrupting the water flow through the machines plumbing.

To Descale My Machine:

To keep your machine running happily, it needs a birthday every now and then. We suggest using a Maintenance Kit from our store (contains: Descaler, replacement Air Filter and Grinder Cleaner), and follow the instructions therein for the Descaler product.

Regular use of a Maintenance Kit (recommended every 30 brews) will keep your Bonaverde Berlin fighting fit!

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