My machine is not grinding properly. What should I do?

Here are a few tid-bits of information to help solve this teeth *grinding* issue.

1) Make sure you are not overloading the machine with green beans:

If you use loose green coffee beans, rather than ones we have supplied to you pre-portioned in pouches, use about 3 tablespoons (45-50g) per roast. You should not use more than 80g of green beans with your Berlin.

2) You can manually adjust the grinder settings:
- Simply remove the water tank -- behold here, the mysterious grinder adjustment wheel!
- With this, you can change the grinder setting to coarser (bigger circle) or finer (smaller circle)

3) If you are connected to the internet you can try to debug the machine using our Coffee Concierge chatbot:

- Try typing "debug" and the bot will run a set of diagnostics for you. You can also share these diagnostics with our customer support team too for further troubleshooting. Here's a general overview of what the diagnostics mean:

1. Is Connected: 'true' means your machine is online, 'false' means it is offline
Link Quality: Good or Poor link quality corresponds to a displayed number. If the value displayed is 2 or higher, then it is sufficiently strong enough to run this machine. Link Quality values between 1 and 2 is of a medium quality. If however the Link Quality is at 1 or less, it is too poor for usability -- please try relocating your machine in this instance.
Last Report Happened - Shows when the machine was last online. It is in (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) format with no spaces
Air Ventilation Filter status: true -- this means your air filter is fine for continued use, false means you need to replace it (the lights at the bottom of the machine are likely already emitting yellow light anyway)

Hope this solves your issue. If you need anything else just let us know at support@bonaverde.coim

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