What coffee can I use in a Bonaverde Berlin?

Can I use my own beans?

Yes! With the launch of our digitalCoffee Concierge, we have opened our ecosystem to any green coffee.

Remember, our goal as a company is to change the state of how coffee is consumed through Direct Trade, and we try to create a platform to do this through using our own coffee pouches.

As such, for the optimum coffee experience we recommend that you do use our own coffee, and if you like experimentation and variety, to instead try our custom made roasting recipes for each type and crop.

You will find within the Concierge that we have also created custom roast profiles for the beans that we make available to customers from our US Store and our EU Store -- all the green coffee you find in the Bonaverde marketplace is sourced to be both high quality and at a price that is fair to the growers.

Why buy and how to use the Bonaverde Coffee Pouches?

Using coffee pouches is the most user friendly coffee experience you can have. Each pouch is weighed and portioned, and contains tailored roast information stored in each pouch's RFID chip. With our system, roasting, grinding and brewing coffee all in one is just one click away.

With the pouches you will be able to experience the optimum roasting recipe for that coffee and support our coffee farmers.

Why buy and how to use the Bonaverde Coffee beans?

Besides the seamless experience offered through the coffee pouches themselves, you can also tailor to your tastes using:

  • Coffee Changers badge

  • Coffee Concierge

  • Roast Only + Grind & Brew Cards

    These 3 options are available with your machine and are made for advanced users. They further allow you to use the machine in conjunction with any green (or even pre-roasted) beans you wish, and open up a new world of experimenting with different roasting profiles and maturation/degassing rest times for roasted coffee beans, or trial other pre-roasted beans (with the Grind & Brew only card) to additionally alter tastes to suit your palate and sense of adventure.

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