Where is my refund?

Whilst we are working hard as a startup to fulfil all expectations from our crowdsourcing campaigns, it's sad, but understandable, that you might wish to end the relationship with Bonaverde.

Whilst we want to refund every single person who does not want to support our vision anymore as soon as we can, building a hardware product is an extremely expensive process and all of the funds raised to- date through our crowdfunding campaigns have been invested into both designing, building the machine and growing a sustainable company which will last the test of time to enact the change in the coffee industry we initially sought to create.

Put simply, fulfilling refunds (for a kickstarter campaign) jeopardizes the investment made by the thousands of other backers who continue to support us. For this reason we refunded everyone who requested it in our online form until the 20th of December 2017, but we will no longer be able to refund anyone else.

We reinforce our commitment that we will fulfil your pledges as soon as we get the second batch of machines -- something which frankly requires a degree of ongoing profitable business before we can initiate. We seek your understanding and patience at this time.

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