Why a filter and not an espresso machine?

The question is: Why an espresso machine?

Many people choose to drink espresso or espresso-based drinks, because it's oily, aromatic, or maybe normal coffee can just be too bitter for them, so they put milk and sugar with it. But as Bonaverde roasts on demand, all of the aromas and nuances contained within the fresh oils of the coffee bean are imparted in the brew, and makes for an incredibly smooth coffee which now allows you to have an equally enjoyable flavour experience as you could from espresso.

But don't get us wrong -- rich with caramel crema, heady and aromatic, we here at Bonaverde still love a good espresso! So hack it (we won't tell)! If you still prefer espresso processing for your coffee, roast the beans in your Bonaverde machine and use them in your espresso machine. It'll take espresso drinking to the next level!

We offer one of the first few real percolator filter coffee innovations since the filter was first invented! We encourage you to taste the difference, as now, finally, you the filter coffee drinkers can fully know what coffee can be, and should be, all about.

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