Agnieszka Polska: The Demon’s Brain

Agnieszka Polska: The Demon’s Brain

The Demon's Brain | Museum für Gegenwart 
Multi Channel Video Installation | 03.03.2019


Hey man, we've already visited this exhibition, but strongly suggest you do too. Agnieszka splits her time between Berlin and Kraków, and her contemporary, largely animated film medium normally focuses on mysterious "found" or archival footage as a centre-point. But it's where she weaves imaginings around this, where she changes the context of the original media, and we find ourselves drawn into an avant fictional world. The Demon's Brain will not disappoint.

Agnieszka Polska | Bio

Combining visual and the tactile as art, I mean, how trippy does this sound:


"Polska's exhibition grapples with the ethical question of how individuals can assume social responsibility amid the overwhelming demands of the present moment. The point of departure for the work is a collection of fifteenth-century letters addressed to Mikołaj Serafin, the custodian of Poland’s salt mines. In her videos, Polska melds live action with animation to tell the fictional story of a young messenger tasked with delivering these letters on horseback. Along the way, the boy loses his horse and he gets lost in the forest. There he has an unexpected encounter with a demon, whose monologue fuses Christian theological ideas with today’s developments concerning resource consumption, environmental destruction, data capital, and artificial intelligence."