From Zero to IPO | Podcast

From Zero to IPO | Podcast

ZERO TO IPO | Podcast

If you're into the start-up scene and love learning about the multitude of intricacies which exist in creation, survival, growth and eventually an IPO exit - this is the podcast for you!

Fresh off my addiction to the Business of Hype, I was more thirsty for a podcast which tickled my business sensors - the ones which crave unique stories and "uh-huh" moments where you totally get it, or even better, had no clue about at all!

If you want an unfiltered dialogue which reaches into granular depths which every start-up seems to have but not everyone talks about, give this one a listen. 

One thing to know, it's not a pop on while busy number - this one needs love and attention - and mostly attention. 

All the best from Berlinerville! 


Lucian xoxo Gossipgurrrlll