Mid90s | Film



As Vice says -- it's a skate movie that doesn't suck. But as Vice are also the authority on being dick heads, we were perhaps surprised to find we, too, agreed. But, the film's also not about skating at all really, barring at face-value.

It's also Jonah Hill's directorial debut, and if his recent new approach, as seen in Maniac is anything to go by, expectations are high. In fact, Mid90s has been on Bonaverde's Lucian's wishlist for like, a whole year, so he's seen it, he reports: "It's fucking good!"

Kike, who in his best Cockney similarly describes it as "fookin good moite" has kindly bequeathed us his weirdly poetic post-blaze first impression, take it as you will:

Sven looks like a tourist in his own town. He broke his ankle a couple of months ago, and now, while the session is on, he’s in charge of the fire.
He smiles, drinks, and puts sausages covered with bacon on the grill.
By that point the sun is almost gone, and cheers for a landed trick have been substituted by laughs for any half-landed joke.
We drink, we smoke, and we celebrate life in all its majesty: epic sessions, broken bones, dreams and lives.
We accept has made out of us as much as we keep on punching back. Again, and again, until we land whatever it is in our fucked up brains.
Homies text and we decide to check Mid 90’s. “Ramen, weed, and then movie?” I suggest, “boom, that’s it”.
I cycle over my friend’s place, still smelling like sweat and bbq, skateboard under my arm.
I can imagine how weird it must be to see a dude going to see a movie about a bunch kids making sense out of life through skateboarding with a skateboard under his arm. In a world where posers are the kings of social media, and people would give their most humid fantasy to anyone showing a small hint of knowing what she/he is doing, this image of me in the cinema with the deck can be the ultimate delusional bullshit.
I was almost falling sleep after the less, the beers, the food… but the movie starts and I’m right away being awake with the half-smiles of the main character. Those half-smiles that captivate so well what life is about… to do your thing and be stoked.