Business of Hype!

Business of Hype!


I have to say, getting the chance to write a little snippet in here on my favourite podcast is too easy and excited to share this one! Almost stereotypically, as Marketing Team Lead, I've chosen a podcast built around 'hype'. 

I know this one may not be for everyone. However, if you fancy yourself a creative and looking for an easy listen at the gym, commuting to work (recommended, great little morning motivator) or just want something to put on and drown out the world, this is a goodie! 

Host, Jeff Staple has a great set up, interviewing well known creatives, entrepreneurs & brand-builders from around the world. These interviews give really unique insights into the stories behind the companies and individuals who built up their own empires - which of course come in many different forms, and it's that variety which really gives the podcast a great sense of variety and unique perspectives. 

So, if you're working at a start-up, work as a creative or just want to feel inspired by some very inspiring individuals, I give this a massive thumbs up for you. 

Enjoy the pod and drop a comment on the socials to share your thoughts! 

Greetings from our little office in Berlin,



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