Dark Arts Coffee

Dark Arts Coffee


A self-described group of coffee thugs from Hackney, east London, Dark Arts are merging everything black: coffee, exhaust smoke, jeans and the occult. And what can we say, everything about them, but in particular their wry don't-give-a-fuck big-middle-finger to an all-to-serious world of coffee wankery is just super refreshing. Their coffee blows our minds every time, and naturally Bonaverde's Head of Roasting has long been a fan. Salute!

But best read their story from the source though:


Dark Arts Coffee is a coffee roastery started by friends in East London with twisted visions of using alchemy to combine fire, water and magic beans into a divine elixir. We had visions of funnelling the profits into a cult based on our love of the occult, bikes and all things unholy.

However, none of that worked out and now we're fucking sick to death of bullies calling Dark Arts - 'that harry potter coffee'. And roastery isn't even a word.

As a result, instead, we've had to focus on importing the best beans from all over the world and roasting them until they taste good as a brown drink. 

We have never made a business decision sober:

Dark Arts Coffees