Ernst Kaffeeröster

Ernst Kaffeeröster

About Ernst

We are fascinated by coffee and want to share this fascination with you by using the best quality, transparency and appreciation.

We see it as our responsibility to process only those coffees whose origin we know and whose fair and sustainable trade we are convinced of. We source our green coffees from coffee import professionals who specialise in buying coffees directly from selected coffee producers. By working in partnership with the farms or cooperatives, as well as by supporting investments and know-how, we produce coffee of exceptional quality, for which we like to pay reasonable prices.

Coffee is like wine. It is a natural product and tastes different depending on the harvest, variety, region and preparation. We want to bring this diversity of coffee to life. Our approach to roasting coffees is to celebrate and enhance natural differences, and you can taste out individual aromas such as lemon or blueberry, liquorice or hazelnut.

These specialty coffees are usually limited in availability and with each new harvest, there are wonderful new coffees in our selection.


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