Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada

Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada

Luis Alberto is the benchmark upon which all coffee producers should perhaps be compared.

Luis is a testified trend-bucker, and master of producing speciality grade coffee, in a class of its own -- even though coffee has been produced in Nicaragua since the late 1700’s. The rewards of pushing the boundaries in modern coffee production has earned him renown in the coffee world for having won several Cup of Excellence Awards.

Un Regalo de Dios -- ‘A Gift from God’ -- is the aptly named coffee oasis belonging to Luis Alberto in Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. Whilst he may run several coffee lots, Un Regalo de Dios is Luis' "baby". Located 1700m above sea level, it's a decidedly high altitude, even for a coffee farm, but it's the perfect environment to produce dense and exceptional coffees.

After a history of political instability, the Reagan Administration-imposed ban on Nicaraguan import products was lifted only in relatively recent years, and saw the return of farms to local Nicaraguan families from the hands of CIA-backed Sandinistas -- Luis' family too, has been producing coffee for over four generations. As such, we're witnessing a truly exciting new world of coffee from Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is, afterall, a country of infinite “micro-climates”, and a hotspot of various coffee cultivars are grown here. A concurrent focus on domestic infrastructure development has resulted in notable improvements in cultivation-practice and traceability. And Luis Alberto leads the charge in sustainable, high quality coffee production.

Nicaragua is now quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most diverse origins in the Specialty Coffee world, and we're proud to offer their products.

Luis Alberto