About Machhörndl

We are a specialty roasting house with espresso and brew bar in Nuremberg, Gostenhof. Our main focus is on the quality of green coffee. With a focus on character and unique taste properties.


In 2005, Armin Machhörndl and Thomas Schweiger (German Barista Champion 2010 & 2012) founded the now legendary Barista Shop Green & Bean in Ansbach. At that time, the two set themselves the task of showcasing to customers a new and extraordinarily large variety of flavours of coffee available in the world -- moreso than just commodity grades with which they may have been more familiar with.

In 2007, Armin Machhörndl made his first appearance on the jury of the German Barista Championships, where he gained significant experience. Drawing on a lifetime of interest in botany, he wished to apply this and delve even deeper into the matter of coffee specifically. So it was a logical step to deal with green coffee! So Armin opened in 2008 the coffee manufactory Machhörndl Coffee.

Even today, the botany and variety of varieties of coffee still plays a major role in the green coffee purchase, so Armin Machhörndl traveled to Costa Rica in 2008 to visit a coffee-origin country and visit various farms there.

2009 included additional visits to other single-origins within Honduras and El Salvador.

The first roasting attempts Armin Machhörndl then started with a small drum roasting machine from 1954, sparking his great passion in coffee roasting.

Green Coffee

Most coffees we buy are so-called "micro lots". (A micro lot describes a certain quantity of raw coffee, which is harvested at the same time by only one particular plant species in a limited area of ​​a farm and subsequently also not mixed with other coffee cherries or green coffee). This provides us with accurate information about cultivation conditions, micro-climate, variety, harvesting method and processing. These are all important factors for an exceptional top coffee.
Such coffees are only available in very limited quantities, so our coffee range is constantly changing.


When roasting our focus is to highlight the already existing natural and for each individual coffee typical taste properties.

We undertake constant, numerous, and careful cuppings -- we only offer coffee that convinces us 100% is perfect for our customers.

This quality claim automatically brings sustainability and fairness with it. Even without various seals and certificates, we can sell and enjoy our coffee with only the best conscience.

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