Nelson Rivellini

Nelson Rivellini

Fazenda San Martin

Fazenda San Martin "Caramelo Doce" is located in the savanna of Central Brazil in the federal state Minas Gerais, close to the district Patrocinio. Covering 35 hectares, Senhor Nelson Rivellini continues a 100 year running family tradition of coffee farming and production on this land.

It was Senhor Nelson Rivellinis grandfather who, along with his family, migrated to Brazil from Italy. In Sao Paolo he built his first coffee plantation, before starting another in Paraná.


Coffee Information:

Process: Natural
Variety: Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1000masl

Year of harvest: 2018
Harvest month: May - September

Cherry, orange, dark chocolate

-- 19 Grams Roastery Taste Notes



Cerrado Coffee Growers Association

Fazenda San Martin is a member of the Association of Cerrado Coffee Growers and thus guarantees very high quality standards and sustainable cultivation and processing practices.

The Association tags every individual green coffee bag with its own unique certification, allowing the exact origin of the coffee to be traced online, with comprehensive information about the respective fazenda, cultivation and processing.