Bonaverde: An Update & New Direction

Bonaverde: An Update & New Direction

There's been so much happening here at the Bonaverde Coffee Lab that we've struggled to provide you with the important updates. It has been incredibly busy here (I'll explain shortly), and we apologise for that.

With the birth and success of Urban Coffee Club in Berlin, 95% of Bonaverde has migrated to developing this product. For those of you that don't know, check out this blog on the marathon development initiative for specific details and reasonings.

So never fear! Me (Lucian) and and Zak are working together to ensure the beautiful Berlin gets the growth and love it needs and deserves -- I hope to update you on this below. There will be exciting changes coming soon, and this post is to get coffee changer members clued up! 

Who's Lucian & Zak? 

As we grow, it's become clear we should take a different approach to how we've structured this unique company. Hans Stier(s) the ship (dad joke intended). So whilst he provides overall direction and vision, we have the Leadership teams now responsible for creating, guiding & implementing strategy. This is a major change from the last 7 years.

To introduce myself, I've been heavily involved for the last year and half. You may have seen me in video's on Youtube, or passionately discussing coffee at events or our showroom. I'm a coffee lover through and through, with a genuine passion for social entrepreneurship. I will be the Leadership team for the Berlin as it enters an exciting direction, and Zak will be right there alongside me (product, creative direction & brand). Having worked in every single aspect of this company in my brief tenure, I've been exposed (no filter, REALLY exposed) to all components of the business; customer support, customer experience, operations, marketing, sales and even a tinge of Tech! Now, I'm taking the learnings we've gathered, and will work to continue to offer a community and brand which is unique, innovative and reliable.  

To briefly show you what's up my sleeve as well as possible changes, have a read of the below! 

New Marketplace & Berlin  

Over time we realised that having a coffee machine that could roast, grind and brew in one process wasn't received well by everyone. Within the speciality coffee industry, we always had stakeholders who were interested & excited about the Berlin, but felt its key capability worked against the fundamental principles of degassing. And so, I have decided to set out on a venture and continue to push the Berlin, but rather, open the world of sample roasting & the ease of having a built in grinder & brewer. 

With this in mind, I am working to have a new website for the Berlin up and running within the next month. On top of that, Zak and I are preparing a marketplace! Fully equipped with green & roasted coffee from ourselves and partners, downloadable or RFID encoded roast commands as well as all the necessary accessories you need. 

I have plenty to say on that, but I think that will do for now. I know some may be thinking it's a shame we are pivoting, but I truly believe this approach will add the most value for coffee lovers. Of course, the vision & mission are in place and will not change - it is my vision that this pivot will re-align us, bringing the goal closer.

App Change

Not everyone liked that we hosted our initial app on Facebook, and I understand that. Now that we have an in-house solution, I am building the roast profiler in the app. All you coffee junkies can begin playing with roast profiles! It will be fully customisable, and to get the beginners engaged I will be selling profiles from ourselves and other roaster partners, so stay tuned! 

Other app features include; in-app marketplace purchasing, scheduler, full remote control use of machine, tutorials and the v/blog for farmer content and education. 

Membership, Fees & Perks

We do plan to review the membership as a product. While it has proven successful, with a new marketplace coming, it's important to look at how such a product can be integrated into the future. Simplicity is key here and a subscription model has also proven to be a crowd favourite. For now, fees and perks will remain for as long as you pay for them, so don't worry about that! 

The Pouch is a great product and an exciting innovation, however this will also be reviewed alongside the OriginsBox to see if they are two methods of delivering coffee that could be sustainable. As we work with partners to shape the marketplace, we will also shape an idea of how to make this possible logistically. 

Thank you,

To everyone who is engaged and supporting our vision, your enthusiasm for the product always brings us confidence. This next step will be met with great transparency from me, Lucian, to you -- and with consumer-centric decision-making in the front of my mind. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, fairly sourced & delicious coffee, and I believe we do have the solution for that. 

Talk soon,

Lucian & Zak!

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