Bonaverde Collaboration: Coffee Sausages

Bonaverde Collaboration: Coffee Sausages

In light of one of our recent BV #Hacks post -- coffee extract -- we're continuing the theme of ways you can use your Berlin coffee-maker's functions beyond just roast, grind and brew. We used our coffee extract to make some divine coffee SAUSAGES!


We here at Bonaverde love everything coffee -- but we're telling you, that love transcends beyond just the hot bevvie we're all familiar with. 


What better way to make a sausage, one flavoured with an earthy coffee, than to collaborate with our favourite Berlin resident and undisputed King of Wurst, Simon Ellery, founder of and fleischermeister at The Sausage Man Never Sleeps.

For those of you unfamiliar with the man, the legend, Simon has truly achieved his vision of sustainability within the meat industry, that Bonaverde is trying to do with coffee: Direct Trade.

Meat eater or no, this man is trying to change the habits of his industry, by actually lowering the consumption within his industry -- that being meat -- changing it from a daily necessity, and instead positioning it as something of a luxury, something to be thankful for, to respect, and to be appreciated only in limited quantities. The opposite of gluttony.

Simon uses exclusively Swabian-Hall swine (or for special projects homekill) for his boutique small goods and sausages, and works closely with this rare-breed farming collective to source only the highest quality, wellfare centric pork.

He is also a frequent collaborator in the gastronomy scene here in Berlin -- spanning everything from micro-breweries, roasteries, restaurants -- and makes some truly amazing custom creations.

So we totally jumped at the chance to collaborate with him, and roasted up a batch of Flor de Corazon extract to infuse into these decadent wurst!

Check out the recipe below!


Sausages being grilled at BV Sommerfest Vol 2



Turn these into delicious breakfast patties, or for our advanced users, into sausages by filling them into hog casings.



  • 1kg Premium quality Pork Belly (or alternatively, 2/3 lean + 1/3 fat cuts), minced to 5mm (or medium, to coarse grind)
  • 15g Salt
  • 3g Dark Molasses Sugar (reconstituted with a splash of water)
  • 3g Ground mixed black and white pepper
  • 1.5g Ground Cinnamon
  • 60mL Bonaverde Coffee Extract



    1. Make sure all surfaces are clean, and your meat is cold.
    2. In a clean bowl, thoroughly mix your salt and sugar with your minced pork.
    3. It helps to do this with your (clean) hands. Mash the mix through your fingers, until the mix begins to become sticky (a sign the proteins in the meat are breaking down into cured sausage).
    4. Add in all of your other ingredients (sugar, coffee and spices)
    5. From here, you can turn your sausage meat into whatever you wish! Fill them into sheep or hog casings, roll them into meatballs, use them as a ravioli filling. The world is your oyster!


See Simon's short video, for some great insight into the method:


The Sausage Man Never Sleeps from Honeyland Films on Vimeo.