GinLab Collab: Coffee Gin & Tonic Recipe

GinLab Collab: Coffee Gin & Tonic Recipe

We have teamed up the knowledgable crew at GinLab to create some delicious cocktails! It originally started as an idea for a network event we hosted on Friday the 17th, but now turned into a formidable team-up!


We're exploring new ways we can use our Bonaverde Berlin machine's features to expand the horizons beyond just coffee as a hot beverage. Cold brewing, solely roasting beans to make extracts, coffee recipes, baking, and now... Cocktails!

Who knew that gin and coffee were a match made in heaven?! And when they're both top class... We're talkin' a serious flavour combo! GinLab offered the perfect opportunity to collaborate, and to explore this union of the divine.

As a building block, we used our florally acidity crowd-favourite coffee: Flor de Corazon, and paired it with a limited run Beefeater '24' London Dry Gin (it's been infused for 24hrs with Chinese and Japanese teas, and grapefruit peel!) It's perfumey, chocolatey and spicey.


It basically blew our socks off!


Below are some great recipes we experimented with to really highlight the beautiful richness of coffee, with the aromatic brightness of gin. And you should try them too!



Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic


50ml Gin Beefeater 24
50ml Honey syrup (50:50 water and honey)
50ml Cold Brew Coffee 
Ice to your preference
Top up with Tonic Water
Lemon peel to garnish


Cold Brew Coffee Lemonade


20ml Gin
20ml Cold Brew Coffee
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
50ml Tonic water
Lemon peel to garnish