Introducing BV Roast

Introducing BV Roast

BV Roast is one of the many milestones Bonaverde is achieving as part of our BV2.0 evolution campaign -- in case it's not obvious, as its name suggests: 

It's here! We're roasting our own coffee!

Roast vs Raw

BV Roast
 presents all the transparency and excitement of our single-origin BV Raw speciality coffee range, but additionally offers the convenience of a pre-roasted coffee without compromising its freshness; in fact, for each batch, we shine the spotlight on one of our beautiful BV Raw green coffees, and freshly roast it prior to shipping to you.

They're the same origin, but BV Roast provides the perfect foil against the same BV Raw green coffee -- and in this instance highlights the difference between an seasoned artisanal roaster and a degassed coffee, compared to the Berlin benchtop, fresh coffee roaster, and its subtly distinct flavour profiles it brings out.


The Marketplace: Home to Roast, Raw & Salute

It's all available to try in the Marketplace -- a massive library of some of Europe's greatest speciality coffees available, all stocked at our showroom just waiting for a coffee lover like you. Check it out!


This is a great way of deconstructing any coffee lovers' understanding and perception of coffee -- it is incredible how different one coffee can taste and smell, depending on roast profile, personal preference, preparation, know-how and environment conditions.


Most importantly, this should offer an interesting and engaging coffee preparation experience, leading towards the soon-to-be-released custom roast profiler as part of the next myBonaverde app updates -- taste the difference between a BV tailored roast, and compare it with your own bespoke profile!