The Coffee Lounge Sessions: i2x

The Coffee Lounge Sessions: i2x
i2X are one of our early supporters. BV’s very own Lucian “The Kid” Plaumann took a brief respite from the chaos that was CeBIT 2018 to discuss with i2X’s Biz Dev brain Magdalena Pohl in order to get some candid insights as to how they’re using our Berlin machine in their own offices and new Coffee as a Service model. Check it out!



We all know, coffee is an opportunity, if not an excuse, to bring people together: it’s a platform for networking, decreases formality, and breaks down social barriers. It’s great! It’s about that human interaction, and useful as a tool to improve experiences. That’s part of what we’re trying to do here at Bonaverde, creating a little value in that journey.

Now in comes i2x. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the startup world, you may be aware they are the latest poster child of Michael Brehm’s many successes. For those that maybe aren’t so engrossed in the World of Startup Entrepreneurs: i2x are a company providing revolutionary real-time speech analytic technology, designed to turbo-charge customer support services, and fundamentally change the status quo. Actually sounds pretty awesome, and certainly something to keep an eye on in the future!


So what’s the link between coffee, and benevolent AI from the future? Well, the key is weirdly about keeping humans in the equation (the most important part would you believe), and in utilising effective tools in the process to supplement the scenario. Both Bonaverde and i2x might have these abstracts in common.


i2x builds on this premise further, by using AI to elevate and enhance human interactions. A service which is available to bridge that pre-and-post customer call disconnect: the hallowed in-call experience. It achieves this by analysing performance by acting as a communication “coach”, providing live yet natural  feedback on how any customer interaction is being executed, inspecting key word effectiveness and frequency, gauging responses, and improving the experience, ultimately making it a more efficient, effective and responsive resource.

So in a somewhat abstract way — but hey we love abstract — throughout our interview with Magdalena, it became increasingly apparent that i2x’s use of the Bonaverde Berlin in their office is very much a metaphor for their own overarching corporate service — it's a vessel which serves ultimately to extend and to greater unite humans. Fancy that!

[Ed: in a slightly less abstract way, we reckon Lucian and Magdalena both could've benefitted in this interview from a) a coffee, and b) some in-call live feedback! (jokes!)]


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