#hacks Coffee Extract

#hacks Coffee Extract

Hey there #coffeechangers! Continuing our series of ways to better use your Bonaverde Berlin coffee maker, today we want to focus on a great recipe which uses just roasted and ground coffee!

Coffee Extract


We all know it -- extract, essence, whatever -- it comes in a small bottle, and it does just what the label says. It tastes like really, really strong coffee!

It's one of those ingredients that plenty of bakery and cocktail recipes call for, but has always been something of an enigma; something you just buy at the grocery store.

There's no denying that it certainly "tastes like what coffee should taste like", but read the list of ingredients on the back label, and you'll see there's often a whole bunch of artificial colours, additives, sugar, alcohol, preservatives and flavours. It can make you wonder if there's actually coffee in there at all!


Ever thought about some REAL coffee extract?

In this world of coffee -- where everything is increasingly becoming scrutinised; from the ethics of its source, its bouquet and palate, down to detailing its cultivar, provinence and even who farmed it -- it certainly surprises us that coffee extract seems to have been largely spared from this same standard of examination!

Conversely, we feel that there's a whole realm of gastonomical opportunity (if not wankery) being missed:

So what if you could offer single-origin coffee extracts?


"Oh yes, this coffee cake's icing is made using Tavarez arabica beans, because of its heady aroma"

"Hmmm yes you see, my Mexican molé sauce uses Flor de Corazon, not solely because of its geographical origin, but because its floral acidity beautifully compliments the spices of the dish"


You get the idea anyway, but jokes aside, it really opens up a whole new mindset to using coffee as an ingredient holistically in your beverage and dining creations. It's something you know is pure, simple, delicious and real.

And in some instances, like with cocktails, different combinations can be truly masterful -- much more than what you might appreciate with just the traditional hot coffee beverage! 

Our recipe below is tried and true, but don't let that hold you back from experimenting with different origins of coffee, roast profiles, steeping/infusion/extract times, ratio of coffee to water (or even using something other than water -- if you'd prefer to infuse some hooch instead!)



 Coffee Extract Recipe

Makes approximately 600mL of finished extract

NOTE: Do not brew your coffee! Instead we extract the coffee in a separate vessel.


You'll need:

240g Green Coffee Beans (or three large pouches)

1L Filtered Water

Your Bonaverde Berlin coffee maker

1-2 sterile containers or flasks.



  1. Using your Bonaverde Berlin, start roasting your green beans ONE POUCH AT A TIME.
  2. "Pop open" or remove your machine's water tank to prevent it from commencing brewing
  3. Whilst your beans roast, adjust your grinder settings to coarse. (As the extraction time is lengthy, a finer grind tends to over extract the coffee and make it bitter.)
  4. Put your coffee filter into the filter drawer to catch the coffee grinds -- this acts as a way to hold and transport these grinds later. For the time being, set your grinds aside, or empty them into a container.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 two more times (you'll be roasting 3x Large green bean pouches -- that's a total 240g)
  6. Using a funnel if necessary, pour your coffee grinds into a sterile sealable container, such as a bottle, flask, or tupperware.
  7. Measure out 1L of filtered or distilled water and pour them onto the grinds.
  8. Close/seal your container, and shake to mix up the coffee and water.
  9. Leave for approximately 24-48hrs (or longer for a stronger brew) in your refrigerator in order to infuse the water with the coffee flavour. Overnight is fine.
  10. Pour your coffee infusion into another clean container through a coffee filter, or a sieve to remove the coffee sediment. 


Your resultant liquid is a mighty strong coffee extraction, perfect for your next beverage, cocktail, bakery, or recipe creation!

 So get out there -- and don't forget to share here too!