#hacks Ice Coffee!

#hacks Ice Coffee!


Whilst we here at Bonaverde HQ dutifully consume coffee straight to the mainline as frequently as possible. It's obvious when the weather is scorching, that nice hot brew isn't always everyone's... well, cup of tea.


So: What’s cooler than being cool?? Ice cold!

It's perfect for those long hot summer days (or nights), our iced coffee is gonna keep you pepped, refreshed, and put a skip in your step!


To be the coolest kid on the ice-block, just follow these steps:


STEP 1: Use your large green coffee bean pouch as you would normally -- pick your favourite speciality grade variety, and get that roast, grind & brew started!

STEP 2: Fill up water tank to 500mL

STEP 3: Put 500g of ice directly into your coffee jug (Tip: No scales? Fill up jug with ice to approx. 800mL mark)

STEP 4: Allow coffee to brew directly onto the ice in the jug

STEP 5: Drink up and chill out!


We recommend the ever-aromatic Flor de Corazon or the fruity Walles Familia as a great starting point -- but try them all and let us know what you think! So what's your favourite variety on ice?