#hacks: Utilising the Individual Features of your Berlin

#hacks: Utilising the Individual Features of your Berlin

The Bonaverde Berlin -- well touted as the first all-in-one benchtop machine to roast, grind & brew, and transform your green coffee beans into hot, fresh, aromatic black coffee. But when you think about it, what's stopping you from isolating and using these functions individually? Many people are already doing it, and choosing how they like to use the machine to suit them.


Let's break down the individual features of the Berlin: Roast. Grind. Brew. We're not saying you should use your machine to make popcorn, but there are still a whole lot you can do with your machine. Here's how to do each in isolation:




The Berlin can just roast coffee beans. There's plenty of other preparation methods to prepare and enjoy a coffee once beans are roasted that doesn't have to be exclusive to this machine -- espresso, pour over, french press -- we love them all!

Here's two ways you can solely roast on your machine.

1) Use a 'The Wave' RFID card or the Coffee Concierge Chatbot:

Use the Roast only function on your The Wave RFID postcard -- you can get one here.

Alternatively, use Facebook Messenger to talk to our Coffee Concierge Chatbot -- make sure you've connected your machine's EMEI to it first though! Simply place your green beans in the roasting chamber, and type "Roast Only" into the chatbot.

2) Pull out/remove your grinder drawer

If you don't have a The Wave card, or connection to our chatbot, all is not lost!

It's easy: just partially pull out (or remove altogether) the grinder drawer on your machine. Your Berlin will commence roasting your beans until complete, but the safety will trigger once it tries to proceed to the grinding stage -- there's obviously no grinder drawer, so the process pauses until it is returned firmly in place. So use this to your advantage! Once the beans have cooled, you can remove them from the roasting tray for alternative uses without ever grinding them in your machine. For instance, leave them to degass them to your desired level for a while, grind them in a different grinder for espresso extraction.



Already got pre-roasted coffee beans? Whether you roasted them in your Berlin, or you bought them elsewhere, you can still use your machine to grind, and/or brew them with our top quality burr grinder.

1) Use a 'The Wave' RFID card or the Coffee Concierge Chatbot:

First, a disclaimer:

Whatever you do -- make sure your beans are definitely roasted; no-one wants to find out the hard way what happens when you try and grind some rock hard green beans!

Use our facebook messenger chatbot and type in the "Grind Only" command.

Alternatively, if you have one, just like the label says, put your pre-roasted beans into the roasting drawer, adjust your grinder coarseness settings (located behind the water tank) and scan the 'grind & brew' RFID on your The Wave postcard. 

Don't want your brew process to commence automatically? No problemo! Don't fill up your water reservoir, and your Berlin's safety will trigger before it brews. Booya! Perfectly ground coffee.



Noticing a theme yet?

1) Use a 'The Wave' RFID card or the Coffee Concierge Chatbot:

First, fill up your water tank to your desired level. Make sure your pre-ground beans are in a coffee filter nestled nicely in the grinder drawer of your Berlin.

Scan your the Wave postcard's "grind and brew" RFID, and sit back. After grinding (in this case, there's nothing to grind, but no matter!) your machine proceeds onto brewing.