Introducing: Bonaverde ROAST

Introducing: Bonaverde ROAST


Whilst green beans unquestionably offer the freshest coffee in the world (and it remains a cornerstone of Bonaverde's identity), we realise consumers don't always have the time to go through the wholly immersive roast, grind, brew experience, green bean to cup.

We're collaborating in the whole world of roasting, and you can get your hands on these goodies in Bonaverde's upgraded OriginsBox -- exclusive to CoffeeChanger Members.



We unveiled very recently our new sub brand RWSY -- a platform to showcase an (ever changing) range of roasted coffees. And we want it to be inclusive. Whilst we piloted the proof of concept with some of Bonaverde's stock of coffee, we want the ecosystem to be a place where like-minded roasteries can have greater exposure for their own direct traded coffee. They are, afterall, coffee movers and shakers who share the same value set we do, and in the spirit of changing the supply change of coffee we never set out to be exclusive.

RWSY diversifies our product offering by catering towards time-sensitive consumers so win-win!

Pre-Roasted speciality coffee now sits as a strong sub-brand in our product mix, and lets users unlock the Berlin’s modularity -- using solely its grind/brew capability.


Anyway, here's some pontificating by our coffee guzzling maverick, Kike Molares:

How I develop profiles & where are we are going as a brand

by BV Coffee Roasting Maestro -- Kike Molares

It’s early morning I wake up, put my jeans on and jump onto the bicycle. From my time living out of a van, I'm used to leaving for work early: cycle fast and I'll just shower at the office.

Music, music, music. 

I shower with music, I work with music, and I roast coffee with music.

Music is very important to me, and by the time I wake up I'm already thinking about the track I'll listen to.

I'm going to talk lots about it. But yes, let’s talk about the actual roasting.

Fuck it, actually I’m going back to talking about music! Because I compare developing coffee roasting profiles as being like being a music producer: you have the raw, straight, input of a band (in the case of roasting, this is the beans), and then you have to tune in and adapt it to an era, a market, and a consumer (without losing that raw, powerful energy along the way).

When creating a roast profile for coffee: I try to provide a wheel, a full spectrum of flavours that can fulfil the different desires that we have as humans: quietness, inflection, a recurrent experience, yet a forward facing, exciting, and a sense of adventure.

Coffee. Is. Gastronomy.

It too, is steeped in prior experiences, just as it is with a sense of future and ongoing exploration. We want to go back to our memories just as much as we might want to run away from them.

So with this in mind, I try to create profiles that can give us the “classic” coffee experience (nuts, chocolates and caramels), as much as I try to create profiles that disrupt any previous coffee experience (the fact that the coffee you’re drinking is freshly roasted will be disruptive enough for many people).

Coffee is a multi-sensory experience, so yes, I also do the graphics for the roasts too to complete the picture.

And for that, I riff off the character of the coffee, yet also conceive something that I visually perceive as sick. So with this, I can incorporate a longer narrative, beyond just the cup, where different visuals connect through time.

Likening this back to the music industry, think about albums: there is an incorporated label "imprint" throughout them. In isolation, perhaps they're eclectic, but as a collection, they make sense!

On top of that, I try also to impart a more meaningful cultural aspect into every product, graphic and coffee we create.

Gastronomy is a cultural experience, so makes the concept of our goal easier. I think we’re so fed up with the classic business/advertising pitch, that we need things that resonate deeper with us as humans, as consumers. That’s culture! I think a huge mistake in the past has been “deculturalising” consumption… of course it made things easier to sell, and flaws easier to hide… but it made us get lost along the way.

I feel I’m talking too much now.

Peace out,