Introducing Bonaverde Coffee Tastings

Introducing Bonaverde Coffee Tastings

It's easy to forget sometimes how lucky we are here at Bonaverde to have on tap speciality grade coffees from incredible microlot farmers around the world. And given that we need our own in-house coffee sommelier (Q-Grader Kike Molares) in order for us to continue expressly sourcing top-tier classes of coffee -- it has dawned on us the sense in us sharing the opportunity (or the gift) to explore, and provide insight into this unique and mysterious world of speciality grade coffee.


The flavour, fragrance and aroma of coffee is incredibly complex -- moreso in high quality arabica. You can find over 850 potential aromatic and flavour compounds in coffee, which changes immensely between cultivars, harvesting times, terroir, quality control, fermentation and drying processing methods, and of course any iteration of coffee roast profile. To put in perspective, wine has only 200, and by the time it is fermented and bottled there is of course no opportunity to alter its contents without adding additional ingredients. And yet, think how easy access is to a wine tasting? It's commonplace compared to coffee tastings!

Very few people outside of the coffee industry will have been fortunate enough to have attended a proper coffee cupping, or even a blind tasting. That's all about to change.

The number of coffee providers who have both the facilities and time to be able to batch-roast a sufficiently wide variety of distinct coffees in small volumes, so as to be able to conduct intimate tastings is pretty sparse. Bonaverde, with our fleet of Berlin benchtop roasters and brewers, our custom roast profiles, huge range of samples, and stocks of current marketplace coffees are conversely, perfectly aligned to do exactly that!

Bonaverde Coffee Tastings

The awesome coffee tasting experience for you, your friends or your team. Enter the world of coffee tasting, and have your very own specialty coffee cupping hosted by SCA certified Q-Grader Kike Molares!

Currants, Citrus, Earthy, Floral: How do you like your coffee?

It is our biggest desire for coffee lovers around the world to be able to have an appreciation for coffees. We don't mean just "Dark Roast" or "Brazil"or whatever  -- as if this actually captures very much relevant information at all -- No, Bonaverde's mission statement is after all, to change the way coffee is consumed, perceived and traded worldwide -- and yet we do understand that people aren't always sure, or clear as to why they would need a 999€ coffee roaster (or for 299€ if you're a Coffee Changer Member) in order to achieve that. 

Hence, our tastings are the perfect vessel to ease people who are perhaps on the fence or unsure, to educate those interested and willing, and expose them to how entirely different one coffee can taste when roasted differently, let alone the difference between two different microlots from farms 1,000's of kilometers apart from one-another. To introduce them to the incredible world of speciality grade coffee, and to elevate their knowledge to the next level!

The coffee tastings are designed to be an exciting, and unusual team building event. Merging education with tactile, haptic exploration and getting in deep in uncovering the nuances of single origin coffee.

Speciality coffee lovers don't *have* to have a Berlin all-in-one coffee maker at all unless they specifically want to roast their own green coffee. And we get it, it's not for everyone -- which is why we have a Marketplace recently launched now, where in addition to single-origin green coffee beans, we also offer other speciality roasteries' own pre-roasted coffees in an open and transparent marketplace, and where Bonaverde too will very soon also offer their own in-house roasted boutique coffee (you heard it here first).

All coffees available in the Marketplace are amazing (why? They're speciality grade, and sustainably sourced!), and great coffee once roasted, they can be consumed by any coffee lover, with any coffee set-up! All (importantly) let the consumer have a greater knowledge, respect and appreciation of their beverage, and its story.

The tastings are a way for Bonaverde to cater towards every coffee lover. Our expertise provides an interesting and exciting way for attendees to cover in-depth any of the coffees present in our marketplace in a variety of forms, and an opportunity to learn from a true coffee professional -- our very own in-house coffee sommelier (SCA certified Q-grader) Kike Molares!

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