Kike's Vlog Ch 1: How We Sample Coffee & Make Our Roast Profiles

Kike's Vlog Ch 1: How We Sample Coffee & Make Our Roast Profiles

Our resident Q-grader! With a sense of smell that a blood-hound would envy, the taste buds of a Michelin Star head chef, and just all round great guy, Kike's at it again with another update.


We're talking roasting! Watch the video below to learn more about the dark arts: 


Ever wonder what those mysterious RFID chips are on every single one of your single-origin pouches (or your Roast, Grind, Brew cards for that matter)?

The Bonaverde Berlin harnesses this technology to do all sorts of wondrous things!

Everything from:

  • Informing the Berlin coffee maker which product is being used (whether it's a particular variety of fresh green coffee beans, a new air filter, descaler, or grinder cleaner);
  • Managing and automatically topping up your coffee stock levels (through our Smart Delivery Feature);
  • Communicating which particular variety of green coffee wants to be roasted, and how dark it needs to be. This triggers the loading of the correct roast profile parameters to ensure a perfect roasted brew, every time!


Kike offers a real insight into our R&D process. With the many kilograms of green coffee samples received from around the world, he gets to experiment, play around with, taste and trial different roast parameters -- from light, to dark, to "get the fire extinguisher!"

One of the things that maybe not everyone is familiar with, is that roasting coffee is not just "turn on the heater until the beans are the right colour brown". And it's not even a matter of what temperature to cook them. Coffee beans are complex creatures, laden with rich oils, varying densities, and flavours which need to sensitively be released -- not roasted into oblivion!

Our roast profiles roast at differing temperatures, for different time periods, ups, downs, periods of rest etc -- hence why we generally tend to call it a roast 'curve'. And we use computers to capture and communicate Kike's desired flavour profile for every bean he tastes, from first crack right to your cup!


Stay posted for Chapter 2: Kike's Descent into the Murky Labyrinth of Coffee Tasting!