Killing the Concierge

Killing the Concierge
Ahhh, it was a beautiful dream! But all things must pass in time. Fortunately, we've replaced it with the hot younger model: something significantly better, and resolves a lot of connectivity issues. Something where it's only limitation is in how much we develop it and invest into it ourselves. Don't worry, development of our digital ecosystem is one of our major focuses for 2019!


That's right. From the 1st March 2019, The Coffee Concierge will begin phasing out -- we're replacing it with the significantly better (and easier for us to continuously develop in-house) myBonaverde app. Read our blog on what the future holds for the app.

It's usable by our Coffee Changer members, and all of our US customers. For everyone else, it's also free to use for the next 30 days! Register below.

Download myBonaverde here:

We first need to link your machine (IMEI) to your app and account in order to make this all work! To connect, fill out our form to get the process started:


Need help? Our support team are here to get you set up! Live chat with them for something immediate. 


To Ease the Passing

No stress! We'll be posting updates on our Facebook, and the Concierge pages to make sure everyone is kept up to speed on when the wake will be held, as well as a how-to connect to the myBonaverde app.

Seriously though, download the app, like now!


In the Interim...

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, an occasional candle-lit vigil etc.

But we hope you'll be pleased though, because let's be honest, we kind of ambitiously chucked the Coffee Concierge out into the online world, without realising the work in its upkeep, and all its inherent issues with connectivity. So now we're pretty keen to scrape it that from the bottom of our boots, and introduce myBonaverde!


One Last Letter From the Front


Dear Coffee Changer,

I, your Coffee Concierge, write you as death knocks on my cold, bot-like door, misty eyed, and fondly recalling many years of loyal service to you, my dear, dear Coffee Changer...

I have tried, but, in my adage may have let issues surrounding connectivity to the Berlin get the better of me.

As my last service to you, darling, I would introduce my replacement: myBonaverde. She's an App, and quite frankly, wholly up to the task.

The tears are too much, adieu, adieu

Yours Forever,

Your Concierge


R.I.P. Coffee Concierge

Coffee Concierge from Bonaverde on Vimeo.


WHY'D WE DO IT? Well frankly, we've replaced this concierge with something much, much more than a dream. It's what we've always talked about: harnessing the Berlin's remote access capability, unlocking its features.

The App -- more specifically myBonaverde -- launched its beta MVP just before Christmas 2018.

With the bot, we really struggled with connectivity issues, or with the Coffee Concierge not responding as desired to user commands. In fact, the only thing it seemed consistent and reliable at was... not connect to your machines IMEI.

myBonaverde conversely, is built entirely in-house, and not reliable on 3rd party platforms like FB messenger.

myBonaverde Features

Its beta release essentially compartmentalises the Berlin's modular functions: i.e. roast only (using the correct tailored profile depending on the coffee origin you select), or grind and brew coffee only. 

We're already gearing up for releasing our next update, which is planned to include even more features including:

  • Graphically exploring coffee farms, producers & roasters geolocations, and learning more about what makes their coffee unique!
  • Purchasing from our Marketplace
  • How-to's, recipes and guides
  • Culture magazine & coffee content
  • Further breaking down Berlin's features: roast only, grind only, brew only
  • Your Roast & Brew history
  • Connect multiple Berlin coffee makers to the same app (perfect for heavy users, and office-places!)

By the end of 2019:

  • Custom coffee roast profiler
  • Wallet-to-wallet transactions
  • and more!

The current version of myBonaverde is available for free to download now from the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android. Coffee Changer Members will enjoy the app continuously, otherwise for non-members you still get 30 days to play around with it and see how you like it!

Any questions, or need help -- again feel free to live chat with us!