An Open letter to Bonaverde Backers

An Open letter to Bonaverde Backers


We know many of you as backers have supported us from our infancy and are still waiting for machines. We also realise how tough patience can be when some backers have received their machines, whilst still others have not.


Transitioning Bonaverde from a crowdsourced dream to a living breathing reality has — suffice to say — presented some challenges and learning experiences, and in honesty we haven’t always done it right.


Wanting to totally change an industry (providing Direct Trade relationships with coffee farming communities), designing, testing and manufacturing a machine from scratch, or unexpected challenges like setting up worldwide logistics, distribution channels, minimum order quantities from manufacturers and freight providers — and balancing all this with yourselves, and ultimately getting you your machines — it takes time and support, and it’s a heavy workload for a small startup team, but it’s a hurdle we’re absolutely resolute on overcoming.


Either way, we are sorry it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, and with the clarity of hindsight, we appreciate that communication with our backers could have prevented a lot of concern. But regardless, we at Bonaverde owe you our gratitude. Without your ongoing support, our mission to change coffee together would be infinitely more challenging.


We are absolutely still here, and totally committed to ensuring that not only do we meet the short term goal of supplying machines to all our backers, but along the way will have created a sustainable business for the long term, built from the contributions of our backers, and the passion of the Bonaverde team.


Every day we take one step closer to changing the face of the coffee industry as we know it. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve: permanent change, not just a brief glimmer. The future is looking incredibly exciting for us, and we want to continue sharing this with you.


And it starts with greater transparency into our startup journey and to know the #coffeechangers in our world!


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Hans Stier

Bonaverde CEO