Operation Buyback!

Operation Buyback!
It's coming up on a year in which our Berlin roast grind & brew coffee maker, and our single origin coffees have been out in the world. It certainly took time to get here and build a whole company -- it's been 5 years in fact since conception: crowdsourcing rounds, lengthy design iterations, compliancy, global supply channels, courting a machine manufacturer, PR & events, and getting interested Direct Trade coffee farmers on board. As our first generation model, we've had plenty of feedback on the Berlin's and green coffee usability, features, and insight into how our fellow Coffee Changers are experiencing the whole journey.


We really appreciate that there are those out there who through no fault of their own still do not have machines after crowdsourcing, but are still keen to become true Coffee Changers and receive their machines given half a chance.

We're aware that our journey, our directive to change the world's trade, perception and consumption of coffee in such a manner is not for everyone. We want to resolve this.

Whether it's dealing with Bonaverde itself (hey, it hasn't always been easy), or whether it's the whole roasting green bean process, we understand there are some who might just prefer to opt-out. Fair enough!


Read on if you want to see how we plan to fix this, by fulfilling our pledge to our backers without machines.


We have two proposals on the table:


1. We'll buy back unused Berlin coffee makers

Do you have an unused Berlin (i.e. one that you're not currently using) , and don't intend to use it anymore? Would you be interested in Bonaverde buying this off you?

If Bonaverde could buy this machine off you so we could give them to other backers still waiting for their turn.



2. Swap out unused, or difficult to use, green coffee beans

Do you have a bags of green beans you might've received from us as part of a crowdsourcing reward or PR campaign in the past, and it's a hassle to actually roast them, or it's been underwhelming so far?

Manually weighing beans and risking under or over roasted coffee, the fact there wouldn't have been a "tailored" roasting profile provided with these beans (only a generic one), and the cleaning up of spilled beans, and having to purchase your own paper coffee filters etc. It is a bit of a pain, and detracts from what could otherwise be a great experience -- that's why we invented the single-portion pouches: it makes the process pretty seamless, and significantly reduces occurrences of blocked grinders and a better tasting coffee with bespoke roast profiles.

Bonaverde will swap out your bulk green bean bags, with new 30x pouch packs containing multiple single-origin green bean coffee varieties, and a maintenance kit.