Second Shipment of Berlins

Second Shipment of Berlins

5 years ago Bonaverde dreamed of changing an entire industry -- but good things certainly take time. It’s now been one year since our world-first Berlin left the production line, and entered the lives of a new breed of coffee lovers. 

Fast forward to now:

We have received investment to bring you -- our Coffee Changers -- the second ever batch of this revolutionary smart coffee device. The Berlin. 

Having learnt from mistakes made during our first production batch, our head of operations, Alex, went to China himself, to visit our manufacturers and oversee production personally.

And so now, here come new machines, for future coffee changers!

Coffee Changers, whose membership support has ensured Bonaverde received investment for the second batch.

This loyal community, who with a coffee maker, will soon be able to disrupt for the better the most traded commodity in the world second only to petroleum.


Want one of these bad boys?! Well to manage resources and logistics, we do need to start with Germany, before scaling geographically outwards, but joining the revolution is easy — become a Coffee Changer Member, and select either the classic white Berlin — available now — or preorder the new look Black or Silver.

Oh, and you can also track the next shipment in transit here -- on the fair ship RDO FORTUNE

So, Let’s change coffee. Together!