Our Start-Up Story - Kike's Journey

Our Start-Up Story - Kike's Journey

He’s The Man, The Mystery, that Face of Bonaverde. How did he find himself --  a professional journalist and rock climbing nut -- suddenly as Head Roaster of this crazy startup we know as Bonaverde. He’s more than just a lookalike cross between Anthony Kiedis, and Super Mario -- he’s the ever enigmatic Kike Molares.

Enjoy the teaser of things to come in Kike’s journal documenting Bonaverde’s journey from startup to now!





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  • Kathleen Puckett

    Very interesting! I just (finally) unpacked my machine, and have no air filter that I can find. I’m getting error messages for not having water also (it’s full!), and I really need some help. I’ve been a supporter for a long while, and a backer – and I’d love to be able to roast some beans and brew some coffee on my new machine! Hope to hear from you – Kathleen

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