The Berlins Have Landed!

The Berlins Have Landed!

We followed the Goodshippe RDO FORTUNE's swift journey from Guandong, China, to Rotterdam, Netherlands. With a hold full of the latest UX & CMF update Berlin coffee makers (don't judge a book by its cover though, we did more than a colour change), they've been offloaded at port, and are getting safely tucked away in our German logistics centre as we speak!

Ay, She's as Seaworthy a Vessel as E'er I Saw!

So for all you backers who opted to pre-order Black and Silver machines: they'll be sent out to you very shortly. If you haven't received one already, or want an update, -- reach out or hit us up in our live Tidio chat!

And what this means for the remaining machines is that they're looking for new homes! If your New Year's resolution is to drink better coffee -- look no further. If you want to get your hands on a 700€ discount, and get ongoing discounts on all future coffee, as well as the continuously developed myBonaverde app, well, you better become a Coffee Changer Member then!

So Happy New Year one-and-all!