The New OriginsBox

The New OriginsBox

Bonaverde are changing! We've updated our Multi-Origin 30x Pouch Variety Pack (that's a mouthful) to OriginsBox (that's better). But it's not just the name which is refined...


We've done a lot of research in the last few months, and we're understanding a lot more about our customers, and what they want when it comes to enjoying, and experiencing a cup of coffee. Turns out "convenience" is a thing -- who knew!?

Exclusive to Coffee Changer Members is the OriginsBox, containing an ever-expanding variety of coffee, now including:

15x Single Portion Green Coffee Pouches

Featuring a selection of speciality grade, single origin coffee beans -- each with its own tailored roast, grind and brew profile,

3x 250g Roasted Coffee Bags

The Roasters We Salute You showcase! Here we shine the spotlight on an ever changing array of our latest collaborations with brilliant, sustainability-centric roasteries from across Europe. Perfect for when you need to brew your coffee quicker than roasting the green beans, but don't want to compromise quality, taste or ethics.

1x Maintenance Kit

Everything to keep your Berlin coffee machine running happily along. The Maintenance Kit includes a replacement airfilter, plumbing system de-calcifyer, and a grinder cleaner.

In the future, the OriginsBox is where we'll include lots of extra goodies -- as a thanks for supporting our cause. Limited run swag like prints and stickers, custom RFID profiles of the month to play around with your favourite single-origins, and whatever else we feel like -- so watch this space!!

To see what the fuss is about -- jump on board our Membership, we really hope you enjoy! Prost!