What is coffee without a cake to accompany it? And what is cake without coffee? With Urban Coffee Club's staff picks, you'll never have to find out the answer to that question!

Black Apron  |  Speciality Coffee Roastery & American-style Bakery

New to Berlin, they're here to rock -- they're the new kids on the block! 

There's a mouth-watering array of fresh-baked goods emerging bright and early every single morning straight from their huge in-house artisanal bakery. The bright open decor, beautiful artworks and plants will calm your senses, whilst their impressive selection of single-origin coffees on offer at any given time will rock your taste buds (provided by their Hamburg-based sister company CODOS roastery).

You can be assured of nothing but the highest class 3rd wave coffee and good ol' US of A style pies, cakes, biscuits, scones and sandwiches.... anything with flour, sugar and butter: you're gonna find it here!

100% must visit if you're after one of the best speciality cafes in Berlin.


Birkenwunder  |  Miracles Straight From the Heart

 The aptly named "Birch Miracle" on Birkenstrasse is a cute and gemütlich bakery cafe. Lovingly presented pastry breakfasts are the name of the game here, as are the iconic continental cold breakfasts and high teas. Plan an excursion in nature, as you peacefully recline on a comfy couch amongst the foresty decor. Make the experience last longer, get some gifts to take on a picnic with you too, with their nice store range of jams and brioche!


SPRO  |  An Acronym for "Scones, Scones, Scones, Scones?" 

The at-first-mysteriously titled SPRO Coffee & Scones bakery sits right by the iconic U2 rail underpass by Eberswalderstr station -- and in case you were wondering, 'spro' is New York slang for espresso! Funnily enough, despite the name, this newly opened Prenzlauerberg morning tea hangout is inspired by perhaps the third most British thing in the world (after tea and crumpets): scones.

Owner Jonathan makes everything fresh every day and offers some rather exciting experimentations with the nationally iconic foodstuff. Including jalapeno cheddar, or sundried tomatoes, to a more familiar raison and cinnamon. Of course you'd be remiss, if you didn't miss the UK standard plane scone with clotted cream too! Or travel the world, with a Scandinavian scone and lax, or ham and cheese!

He doesn't just stop at scones (although, clearly there's a whole world to explore there), fresh granolas, or North American favourites like carrot cake, lemon cheese cake, salted-caramel cheese cake (fuuuuuuuuu~!) or Canadian classic nanaimo bars... Ooooowee! Seriously, just go already!


Archetyp  |  Scandinavian-chic Speciality Cafe

If the minimalist interior is any hint, Archetyp focuses their (and your) entire attention on what they're really, really good at. Amazing coffee, and of course a nice baked snack on the side. It's the perfect mid-week coffee on the go, or a quiet place to take yourself out of the office to get some work done distraction free.

As they say it's "Coffee for the common good" -- and often showcase different featured coffee roasteries, and a seasonal menu. As a cafe with the social mission, they wish to serve their community and support local organisations, educators, artists, and others. And always sustainability, and transparency are core to their mission: hence many of their goods are procured from small-scale local producers.

Check out their social media, as they periodically host cultural and educational events too -- well worth the visit! 


Miss Ploff  |  Surf the Aegian Wave

Quick pick-me-up? Lazy Sunday before a stroll in Humboldthain? Look no further than Gesundbrunnen's own Miss Ploff! It's homemade, vegan/vegetarian friendly (but also just regular friendly), and houses a wide assortment of snacks and refreshments to give you that extra shot of zing. 

With a Greek-heritage background, this cafe offers you that loving at-home service with a smile as the perfect accompaniment to the charming and relaxed atmosphere. Have a cup of coffee, eat tasty homemade cakes or food and read a good book -- either in the cozy zu verschenkin mid century decor, or out on the sunny street-side sitting area.