One of the best places for a shy person to meet people is in a coffee shop. If you are a reader, bring a book and read it there - that gives a guy something to ask you about. Same goes for sketching, writing, or any hobby you can take with you.

— Laurie Helgoe

Although many of us are guilty of getting casually wrecked on a Friday night (right? Right??), a first date is one of those 'best behaviour' occasions. Coffee can help to break the ice -- but a bit of casual ambient lighting in a well-chosen location never hurt to help speed things along!

So here's Urban Coffee Clubs hot fave's to make some Tinder sparks fly.

100 GRAMM  |  The Kick of the Moscow Mule 

A stroll down Kastanienallee towards Rosenthaler Platz is always lovely, and in summer a grassy picnic as the sun sets in Volkspark am Weinberk (or gazing into one-another's eyes, whatever) is a nice relaxing way to kick things off.

Afterwards, just next to the station is your destination: 100 GRAMM. Low lit, old mahogany, leather booths, attentive cocktail artisans, rustic brick. Russian... SEXY! If this place doesn't help you impress, well, there's no helping you!


26 Shibuya  |  Japanese Fusion at its Best

A relatively new kid on the block on Kastanienallee, Shibuya 26 stands out from the hot neighbourhood competition with its breathtaking plated arrangements of Japanese fusion food, hip location and rising sun urban decor complete with indoor and outdoor seating.

It's an especially well-known area in this part of Berlin as some of the last iconic 90s era Berlin squatter-esque alternative living communities, with Kapitalismus and Lichtblick Kino just across the road from Shibuya 26. It ads a so-Berlin, colourful and cultural vibrancy to the streets.

On a Saturday, depending on your (and your date's) cultural tastes, you could catch a punk/hardcore/thrash/screamo/etc in the secret basement of Kapitalismus (you didn't hear it from us though), or if that's not quite your thing (why on earth not??) -- watch the weekly midnight screening of Casablanca at the Kino.

Zimt & Zucker  |  Viennese Coffee Arthouse

Drawing inspiration from late Art Nouveau, early Deco Viennese coffee houses of the early 1900s, Zimt & Zucker is a place to have a fantastically entertaining experience. The stylish vintage interior, and hidden rooms makes the low-lit crumbling decadence of the architecture feel incredibly intimate and.... super culture-y!

In addition to the beautiful Viennese coffee house food-fare, Zimt & Zucker hosts an ever-changing series of events; such as burlesque shows, art exhibitions, photo galleries, visiting authors, performers, artists, activists and even chefs.

If you don't know what you're doing with yourself at a gallery, grab a drink and just play it cool. Don't drop the ball, you're nearly there! Luckily for you, your date is just so into artists that they'll be blinded by your crushing aura of suave. You're gonna make Marina Abramovic look like a first year art-major by comparison to you when you take them here.

Want an evening that's more memorable than just your jittery nerves? Take them here!


Lawrence  |  Leventine Cuisine & Refugee Art Gallery

Located at the heart of the former Jewish Quarter in Berlin, Lawrence isn't just an Arabic-Syrian Café. Pass through the restaurant and explore a warren: a contemporary art studio & multi-media exhibition gallery, a shop and Event Space. All in one!

Here behind facade of brick walls, beautiful high ceilings, white wooden furniture and oriental fabrics, you’ll find a melting pot of cultures. Not only is the food vivid and colourful, Lawrence is also home to the refugee-artist cooperative FREEARTUS, where everyone from Berliners, tourists, to newcomers all feel welcomed as they experience enrichment through cultural exchange.

Crepestation  |  Parisian Crêpes With a Japanese Twist

Berlin: where East meets West! You can taste opposite sides of the world without ever leaving your Kiez.

Imagine strolling down a dappled Parisian boulevard, arm-in-arm with your amour. Close your eyes to the tantalising smell of gently warm pastries. Open them and realise you are in-fact smack-dab in the middle of Omotesando -- the Japanese temple district spilling into Harajuku. Plastic food displays, cosplayers, chiming pachinko parlours, and what seems like the entire world's culture crammed into one street. Ahh Tokyo!

Like with many other things adored by the Japanese, crêpes have been harnessed and turned it into their own next-level streetfood awesomeness. And now Japanese crêpes are here in Berlin, having taken the long way around the world.

Sweet, savoury, fruity, umami, or spicey: with 27 varieties, Crepestation is your crêpe occasion destination for a daytime date that's cute and refreshingly different.