East meets West right here in Berlin, and the well-established local food scene is a true reflection of the city's status as global cultural melting pot. From the Far East, to the gateway to Europe below are some of Urban Coffee Club team's spiciest picks!



Hip Korean restaurant and a dope coffee machine. Bulgogi, kimchi pancakes, bibimbap and of course Hite Beer to wash it all down! This is the Korean fusion food that stole our hearts!


26 Shibuya

Paired sake, homemade fruit cocktails and a huge range of wine. CHECK. We could describe the food, but dang it, pictures are worth 1000 words! Japanese fusion cuisine is always a winner, and as the name hints, there's something quaintly 'backstreets of Shibuya' about the intimate interior and lighting. Itadakimasu


Mr. Vertigo

Food from the heart; the hugest of huge portions in a place where a burger could sit along side dolma and tabouleh, homemade lemonade or Ayran, Merguez to grav lachs As the book Mr. Vertigo covers: anything is possible!

Neuköllner b
orn and raised, owner Tarek (aka Mr Vertigo) is half Bavarian half Jordanian, and if I had to describe his food, I'd say the food is the best of both cuisines. If you ask him to describe his food however, well first he'd laugh, but then he might say it's all his own.

"Everything has my signature."

If you have no idea what we mean -- get his mixed plate and choose from the cold cuts in the cooler, to the hot dishes of the day. Chances are he'll help you pick. Tarek piles the food high, and regals you with stories; here, you'll find home.


Swadishta the best Indian in all of Germany!!

Looks are deceptive, so do not judge a book by its cover. According to numerous UCC team-mates, we've found the unicorn: traditional, authentic, and truly spicy (a rare thing for indian cooking in Berlin) 
Marwari cuisine straight from the streets of Rajasthan. If you miss some good ol' curry, and have struggled to find it here in Germany -- we hear ya! Your search is over. Look no further than Swadishta (and the dahi puri for starters).



These guys are heavy-weights in the hotly contested fight for greatest Hummus in Berlin. With the meaning of its the name akin to 'dig in' or bon appetit before a meal -- but the saying allegedly reserved for holiday camps -- Djimalaya's real point of distinction though comes from the rest. Cozy and intimate, there is a certain indefinable holiday camp-like nostalgia to the place; the scent wafting from the cooking selection of lavastone cooked skewers is the final piece of the puzzle; reminiscent of a campfire and stirring the embers of our very souls!!